Staheli Farm

While Evan’s Brothers were in town, we took the boys to Staheli Farm with my Family. They had a lot of cute activities there: a kids maze, petting zoo, corn maze, pumpkin patch and so much more. 

Nixon couldn’t get enough of the petting zoo, he loves animals! Every time we tried to move onto the next thing he would say, “I wan pet my animals!” He and my brother Kwade, even had to go hug the donkey before we could leave.
There was also a fun slide there, and at the end of it you landed in corn seeds. They both loved it! I tried it out with Nixon, it was pretty intense. I ended up with a little whip lash and shoes full of corn. Wasn’t my idea of fun but I’m glad the boys enjoyed it!

Then we took a hay ride over to the pumpkin patch where we passed by all the lovely smelly cows. Nixon had to wave at each one as we passed by. 

Jovi mooed at them a few times but then found it more interesting to try standing up in the middle of the hay ride. 

Once we reached the pumpkin patch, we were greeted by a friendly witch. Nixon found her to be terrifying and every time she got close he would want to be held. 

He kept saying, “I don’t like her”, “go away.” This was his first experience with a witch. 
Now I’m wondering what Halloween will be like for him the year.

After taking some pictures and rolling pumpkins down the pumpkin alley, we headed back for another round at the slide. 

After we convinced Nixon that was enough, Aric treated us all to some Wingers. 
I’m pretty sure my boys each ate two bowls of popcorn to themselves. They just couldn’t get enough!

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