Halloween was a very fun, but very busy day for us! We started the day off with a Halloween breakfast. 
I made ghost eggs and pumpkin pancakes. It was funny because both of the boys would not even touch the green steam on the pancakes that I colored with food coloring. They thought it was gross. Nixon even said, “ewwwwh disgusting!” and broke off the green part and threw it on the ground. Ollie was very happy about that and had it licked up in seconds. 
For the next part of the day, after I got the boys dressed and ready in their costumes, we went and watched my little sisters school Halloween parade. It was cute to see all the kids dressed up in their costumes. We even saw a little Taylor Swift!
Then we went over to my parents to celebrate my brother Calebs 16th birthday.  My mom spoiled us with homemade chili, corn bread, and for dessert graham streusel cake with vanilla ice cream. Then we headed over to my Grandpa Sorensens house (Nixon & Jovi’s Great Grandpa) to trick-or-treat and let him see the kids all dressed up. When we got to Grandpas, my Aunt Vicki had cute Halloween crafts for the kids to do along with homemade root beer and gold fish crackers.
Next we headed to the mall for some trick-or-treating. Not very many stores were passing out candy so that didn’t last long. Plus our mall is more like a hall.So we headed over to my friend Lindsy’s Mom’s neighborhood. They shut down the whole street and have it decked out in Halloween stuff. The boys loved it! There were little haunted houses, ghosts hanging above the street, homemade corn dogs, popcorn, and even a little train ride for the kids. By the time we got to the end of the street, the boys were getting pretty restless and ready to get home.
Hope everyone had a happy Halloween!



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