Happy Saturday

Growing up, oatmeal and toast was one of my favorite breakfasts. 
I remember breaking up the bread into little pieces and lining them up in a circle around the bowl.  Then I would dunk each piece of bread in the middle of the oatmeal and eat it as fast as I could so that the bread would not get too soggy. 
Makes me want some just talking about it.
It’s funny the random things that stick out from our childhood. 
It’s like some things were meant to be remembered and some things are not. 
Why that is? I have know idea.
I’ve been thinking about family traditions lately. 
Ones that I want to inherit from my family, ones from Babes family, and new ones that I want to create.
Here are a few; 
Oatmeal & Toast every Saturday morning.
Nightly family prayer.
Sunday walks (or Sunday drives when it’s too hot.)
Monday is – family day all day.
Those are just a few we have come up with.
Happy Weekend!

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