Duvet Tent

D u v e t   T e n t

A r t  C l a s s
I’m sure the boys have been feeling a little neglect with having to share their Mama with new baby Sister. 
 So I have been trying to get back into the swing of things and do some activities with them to try and mix up their TV intake lately. 
I found the duvet tent idea over at Adventures in Pinksugarland and thought it would be fun to try it out on the boys. 
They thought it was pretty cool.
Nixon reassured me with a big hug and said “You’re the best Mom evvver!”
I can’t take credit for the art class idea, that was all Nixon.
He came up to me and said “Hey I have an idea! Let’s paint a picture for my new baby Sister!”
So they did, then hug it up by her crib so she could see it.
I thought it was a pretty fantastic idea;)

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