To My Kiddlets

Dear Nixon,
Hey little buddy, can’t believe you’re already 3 years old. You are such a little firecracker child and too smart for your own good! You started counting to 10 at 18 months old! You know all your shapes, colors and abc’s. And are starting to learn how to write them. Your favorite song is 22 by Taylor Swift. You love singing along to it while holding up two fingers when she says, “22”. You are obsessed with Godzilla, the original series on Netflix, which cracks me up. You love building towers with blocks and are pretty dang good at it. Your Dad and I keep saying we wouldn’t be surprised if you ended up becoming an Architect. You really are that good;) You are such a sweetie and will spontaneously come up to me and say, “Mom, you’re pretty!” It always makes my day! Some of your favorite phrase are, “Do you remember when..” and “I wish I was big like…” Some of your favorite things to do is; Play in the water with your brother, go to Grandmas house, play with play-dough, paint, skype Nana and Papa, go swimming, and play at the park. I need to start writing down some of the things you say because you seriously crack me up with some of the stuff you come up with! Well I love you to the moon and back my little Nixon Buddy. Love, Mama.
Dear Jovi,
Oh my little Jojo, you are already 2 years old! You are such a little sweetheart and so tender hearted. You are always so concerned about you Brother and Sister. Every time you get something you make sure to get one for “Niss” (Nixon) too. And whenever you baby sister or “baby gul” is crying,  you run over to her and try to calm her down. You love doing basically whatever Nixon is doing. You guys are starting to play so cute together. You are also learning to stand your own ground and fight back which is often trouble! You weigh a pound more than your brother and are only 2 inches shorter then him. You are catching up pretty quick! One of your favorite songs you sing is the song from the Lorax “how bad can I be”. You are getting really good at putting sentences together and are trying so hard to get all your colors straight. The fact that your trying is all that matters to me:) You also love to play in the water, go to Grandmas house, play with your cousin Haiven, and build with blocks and Lego’s. You and your brother also started gathering all the pillows in the house to make a huge pile to jump in. You guys seriously do this for hours. Well I love you to the moon and back my little Jojo beans. Love, Mama.
Dear Gibson,
My little Gibby Lou, in just a few days you will be 2 months old! My does time fly by! You are such a sweet little angel babe. I really just stare at you and think how did I get so lucky to have such a gorgeous baby girl! I’m in trouble with you I just know it! I’m going to be fighting off guys left and right;) You have been such a good baby! Which I know has been a huge blessing because your older brother can be quite the handful. I have a feeling you are going to be the little peace maker and keep them in line. You started smiling a month ago and your smiles just keep getting bigger and bigger as you get older. Your smiles seriously lights up my world! You also started gooing which I loooovvvee. It’s the sweetest thing ever to sit and hold you and talk to you (crap I just started to tear up a little:)) Better wrap this up before I lose it! Anyways, I love you baby girl and know that you came at the perfect time! We all just can’t get enough of you and love you so dearly. I love you to the moon and back my sweet little Gibby Lou. Love, Mama. 
P.S I started sketching again and I’m starting a little sketch book of you guys of our day to day lives and adventures together. Here’s the first one. Hope you like it:)

^^^ Watching cartoons together before church ^^^

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