Today was a good day. I managed to keep up on the dishes and had a clean sink all day! It was something I told myself I was going to do last night, so it felt pretty good to actually stick with it and do it.

 It was my Sister Kylie’s 22nd bithday today. Her and my other Sister Chantelle came over to hang out with the kiddies and I. It’s so nice living by eachother. I’m soaking up every minute of it.
Babe got home from school around 4:30 and told me I looked really good today:) We have been married for almost 5 years now and it still makes me blush everytime he compliments me:) It could have been because I was wearing one of his shirt… but still, a compliment is a compliment and I’m taking it:). He’s so good to me. 

The other day Nixon was laying in bed by me while I was reading, looks up at me and says, “When your hair is ruined that means you’re having a bad hair day” haha I laughed out loud and couldn’t believe that statement was coming from a 3 year old, my 3 year old. I tell Evan almost everyday we are in trouble with this one, he’s just too smart for his own good. 

Jovi has been getting really good a putting sentences together. Today he was singing a song he made up about Gibby, “bay-be so cute, bay-be so cuuute, bay-be soooo cuuuuttee” haha I loved it.

She is pretty stiinking cute I can’t even handle it. She is already almost 4 months old. She’s my little sugar pie honey buns. I’ve been trying really hard to get her to take a bink. So far she is doing pretty good. The boys never would take one for me, so I have my fingers crossed that she will. 


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