It’s not Monday?

Today was one of those days…
Those days you usually classify as “Monday” but it’s Tuesday.
I woke up to dishes in the sink, a mountain of laundry and a little Monster we named Nixon.

There were so many things running through my head that I needed and wanted to get accomplished.

Make breakfast.
Get ready.
Go to the bank.
Edit pictures.
Fold the laundry.
Clean my room.
Put away the laundry.
And the list goes on…

 But all I really wanted to do was curl up in my bed in my sweats and watch the latest eisode of New Girl. I love shows that make me laugh. And I literally laugh out loud whenever I watch it. But instead, I forced myself to make oatmeal for breakfast, skipped the getting ready and going to the bank part and started working on editing some pics I took over the weekend. All while the boys entertained themselves with some book reading, cartoon warching and destroying the house. Then before I know it, it’s time to make lunch! Didn’t we just have breakfast?

After lunch, I laid Jovi down for his nap, fed baby girl and got her down for a nap too. Then I get Nix occupied with some play-dough while I make my way to clean my room. Then… Gibby wakes up. So I get her out of the swing, get her settled down and start to play and talk to her. She’s so cute and is always so good to distract me from whatever I am doing. I much rather play with her then clean my room anyways. Before I know it, nap time is over and Jovi is up. Then on to figuring out what to make for dinner. And there’s still my to do list up above^^^ that I have barley even touched! Hashtag– thelifeofamom. I love making To Do lists, I really do. But I usually don’t get everything done that I write down in one day. It often rolls over onto the next day. Like todays. Soo here’s to Wednesday’s to do list!

This was Babe’s teddy when he was a baby.


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