Finding the right balance.

How to find the right balance between social life and family life?

This is a question I ask myself almost everyday. I like the instant access we have right at our finger tips, the ability we have to quickly connect to others through our phones. But on the other hand, I also hate it. 

Social media can be sooo distracting from our day to day lives if we are not careful. Just today I got soaked into watching Vine videos and before I knew it 30 mins had past. What a waste! It makes me sick to think of all the other things I could have done in that 30 mins.
Time is so precious and there are moments going by that sometimes we miss out on because we are so caught up on what everyone ELSE is doing with their lives. What happened to the days when in order to contact someone you had to CALL them on the phone. Not text or facebook but actually Call. Don’t get me wrong, I love the convenience of sending a text, but also it feels like we are loosing the real connection we use to have with people; plus you feel like you have to be tied to your phone all the time. It becomes the first thing you see when you wake up and the last thing you see as you go to bed. What are we doing? Kind of annoying. 
Sometimes ill stick my phone in a drawer just so I don’t get distracted by it when i’m trying to get something done. I still leave the sound on though, just incase babe or my family need to get a hold of me. Sometimes its just nice to take a break from the rest of the world.
I’ve gone periods without using any social media and im not going to lie, it felt pretty good. I’ve also gone days where I spend a lot of time connecting with people and reading about their lives which i also find fun and enjoy. So where is the balance?
It’s funny to think about the times when we only had a home phone and when you would leave the house the phone stayed at home, it didn’t come with you. It’s crazy how the times have changed and keep changing.
I don’t know that I really know the right answer to all this craziness, I guess what it comes down to is you are the balance you create.


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