Photo Diary – 11.16.2013


First cup of hot cocoa this season, let the holidays begin!
She’s starting to get a lot more vocal theses days. She started doing this thing where it sounds like she’s moo-ing like a cow. I got a video of it and sent it to my family, she cracks me up.
Jovi is so protective of his baybe gull. She’s so lucky to have two older brothers to help fight off those unwanted boyfriends. 😉
Got to spend the evening taking pictures of this gorgeous couple. Love you Guys! #family
Squeaky clean with “fuzzy toes” that’s what he calls them when he’s been in the tubby too long.
Such a handsome little guy. Some of my favorite quote’s by him lately.
“Wha da heck, Nixon stinks!”
“Baybe so cuuute”
“I no pretty, I hansome!”
“oh mannn!”

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