Photo diary – 11.18.13

You could say I get my workout by lifting kiddies all day. between the three of them, one is always needing to be held. Good thing they’re lite and little!
bub-be gull is getting all over the place now with her new rolling over trick. She’s thinks she’s all big and stuff.;) Just don’t grow up too fast sweet baby :’|
Someone is building next to us, so one of the highlights of their day is watching the tractors out the window.
Oliver Milton. Such a loyal pup. Where ever the kids are, that’s where he is. One thing that cracks me up about him is, when I changed babies dipe’s, Ollie will come and stand right by her head as if he’s standing guard or protecting her. As long as he’s around, i’ll never have to worry.;)
From day one, she has loved her swing. When it’s time for her nap time, I will play classical lullabies, give her her bink, and she goes right to sleep. She’s such a good baby and I tell her that everyday.
Hanging out together, watching some toons while I get a few things done around the house.
Went on a little drive with the family to get out of the house. Nix was full of questions and talked almost the entire time. “Where are the stars? I can’t see them. How come I can see the clouds at night? Where does the sun go when it’s dark outside?  Ev did a pretty good job at answering all his 21 questions.
Now that’s a sight I love to see. Story time with Dada/babe. Love this little family of mine.

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