Stinkin Gopher’s

For some reason, gopher’s love our backyard. We have gotten rid of two already and the hills keep coming back! I’m thinking there must be a village under there because sometimes when you walk on our grass you occasionally sink. Stinkin’ gopher’s!

 Someone in our ward told us that if you feed them juicy fruit gum it kills them. Being pretty desperate, we gave that a try. Nix and Jovi now call juicy fruit gum the “gopher gum” people at the grocery store probably think were crazy when they hear Nix say, “hey look there’s the gopher gum!”

I spotted one today while I was editing pictures. You should have seen how fast Babe ran out there when I told him I saw it. Haha he’s been trying so hard to get rid of the dang things. The boys think it’s pretty fun trying to help “babe” catch those stinkin’ gophers. Gibby and I just sat back and watched, it’s really quite entertaining.


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