Deck The Halls

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is decorating the Christmas tree together. The boys were extra helpful this year putting the ornaments on the tree. Nix started placing all the ornaments in the same spot. He said they were all friends and wanting to be by each other so that they wouldn’t be lonely. Jov started throwing them and knocking other ornaments off the tree. (good thing they are plastic) Last year they wanted nothing to do with the tree and hardly even touch the thing but this year they’re all about it. Sometimes they will even dare each other to go up and touch it because they know it’s off limits. Little stinkers.  So this year, only the top half of our tree will be decorated. It looks a little top heavy but I’m not complaining;) 
A few other traditions I’m looking forward to are, driving around looking at Christmas lights, sipping hot cocoa by the fire, going to the Dickens Festival and opening pj’s on Christmas Eve while watching White Christmas.
 Merry Christmas!


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