First Snowfall

It hardly ever snows in our little desert town. We have been watching a lot of Christmas movies lately, like Frosty the snowman and Nixon had been saying that he wished it would snow at our house like it did at Frosty the Snowman’s house. 
Well looks like he got his wish! We got snow! and a whole lot of it.
The first few days the boys/we were in heaven. It was a fun change and the perfect way to bring in the Christmas season! We had snowball fights, attempted to make a snow castle and built a few little snowman friends. All while Gibson napped inside. 
The snow ended up sticking around for quite awhile which made the boys decide that they no longer loved the snow. 
We attempted another day out in the snow, but as soon as we stepped outside, it was a different story. The snow was now so deep that the boys couldn’t walk in it and kept tripping and falling, Jovi even managed a face plant right into the snow! I couldn’t help myself from laughing out loud when I picked him up, he looked like the abominable snowman. poor Jov, he was a good sport about it though. 
So with both of the boys crying and Nixon saying on repeat, “I hate the snow! this is too thick, the snow is cold!, I hate being cold!” We went back inside and didn’t go back out. again. 
It made me laugh. 
It was funny to see them going from one day running around having the time of their life to the next day hating, crying and cursing the snow. 
Good thing we live in the desert!!


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