5 Tips For Picky Little Eaters

1Give them Variety.
When I give my boys a variety of different foods, it keeps them sitting at the table longer which leads to getting more food into their bellies. It also makes me feel like they have some say in what they choose to eat. 

2Dip It.
Let them try dipping their food. Even if it’s carrots in ketchup? Sure why not. It can make eating a little more fun and hopefully get some of that food into their belly.

3. Let them eat off Mom’s plate.
For some reason, the food on Mom’s plate sometimes looks more tasty then the food on their plate (even when it’s the same food.) So Sometimes I will make up a plate of food and stare it between the 3 of us. I do this mostly with breakfast foods.

4Tubby time + Snack Time.
I learned this trick from my Mama. Stick them in the tub with toys and feed them while they are busy splashing around and playing. This works really well with getting food into Jovi.

5Keep trying.

If they don’t like it the first time that doesn’t mean they won’t like it the 2nd, 3rd 5th even 20th time. So keep trying.

For those wondering where the plates are from, you can find them here—>>>

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