Family adventures – Hiking


I love being outside and doing things together as a family. Some of my favorite memories growing up, has to do with activites we did outside like;  hiking, camping, fishing, picnics, swimming, etc. Maybe this is way I’m not really a fan of winter.

Im noticing that my Kids also LOVE being outside (even Gibby) and this makes me very happy. I feel like during the winter, we were in front of the TV way too much, so we are trying to watch less and be outside more.

Last time when we went on a family hike, the boys were a lot younger and were wanting to be held the whole time. It was nice this time around when they were okay to walk on their own and just run around and explore.

They had fun collecting rocks and putting them in my bag. They found some pretty cool ones to add to our rock collection.

Here’s another one of our adventures from last year.


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