Fun at the park.

My sweet new little nephew Copelin!^ I am so in love with him and that head of hair!

Nix got a special surprise in the mail a few weeks ago^^. His friend Owen hand picked and sent him an early birthday present! My friend Lindsy (Owens Mom) said he was so excited to send it to Nix and couldn’t wait for Nix to get his gift. I thought it was so cute how excited this made both of the boys! Both the giver and the receiver.  We sent O a little video showing him that Nix got his present and it arrived safe!

 This made me think about how we all have been given different gifts (internal gifts) and just like O, we should be so excited to share them with other people! Sounds silly but think about it. Think about what gifts you have been given? Are you sharing them with other people? or for whatever reason, keeping them to yourself?.

These gifts can come in all shapes and sizes. Some people have the gift of a beautiful smile, a kind heart or a willing hand. Some have the gift of making people laugh, giving a shoulder to cry on or just be there for you we you are in need of comfort.

Some people might have many gifts and some only a few. But the size and quantity doesn’t matter. What matters is what you do with them.

So take a minute, an hour, or however long you need to identify these gifts you have within you, and then look around and see who needs you.  Who needs these gifts that only you can give them and then touch their lives by just being you.


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