The truth about Vampires

 Post by Evan
Illustration by Tay
If you find yourself hanging around vampires I think it’s time for a self assessment. I find it interesting that vampires have become so romanced lately as these amazing hero’s and heroines. It is my opinion that Vampires are everywhere and they aren’t exactly super.  They can take form in many capacities as physical, emotional, and spiritual suckers. Beware of those around you who’d rather suck you down than bring you up and most of all make sure you aren’t a vampire yourself.  We’ve all got stuff, people have ruff days, but let’s try not to spend to much time in the comfort of our own shady state. If you’ve got vampires around it might be time for an exorcism. Life’s to short to feel a daunting feeling of eternal anguish.  It’s time to open the shades.

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