Things to remember

{April 29th}

Things to remember about today. 
Watching silly YouTube clips and having a picnic on my bed.
Not bothering to get dressed until mid-day.
Gibby’s cute strawberry jammies. 
The sound of my new chimes blowing in the wind. (Thanks Mama;))
My yummy lunch. (steak-kobobs, cabbage salad and coconut pineapple water.)
Gibby’s giggle when she sees herself in the mirror.
The boys getting along most of the day.
Eating fudge Popsicles on our porch.
Nixon telling me how pretty I am all on his own. 
Jovi’s laugh as I rubbed essential oils on his feet. (I Love Love his laugh.)
Feeding the boys bananas & pancakes in the bath while they pretended to be sea turtles.
The boys eating ALL the dinner all gone. 
Things that can be forgotten. 
Jovi peeing his pants on my bed.
Gibby crying and fussing most of the day from teething.
Getting all ready for a walk just to step outside to a lot of cold wind.
Gibby breaking one of my favorite bowls (glad she didn’t get hurt.)
Finding a pile of dirt on my table. 
The boys not going to bed. (Ev doesn’t get home until 10:30pm most nights.)
Gibby crying and fussing up until midnight. 
Lets see what today brings.<3
Much love,

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