Phone Dump // 6.10.14

Update — The Past Few Weeks //

~ A lot of trips to the pool to try and keep cool.
~ 102 degree weather.. it’s HOT here!
~ The boys found markers in the back seat of the car and went to town. I was wondering why is was so quiet.
~ Eating watermelon and pretending it’s ice cream.
~ National Donut Day.
~ A family outing to Waffle Bliss then the park.
~ Family date night around town.
~ Found an old painting of mine and hung it up. Nix was pretty impressed with it;) which made me smile. “ooo look at that pretty castle!” You painted this Mom?!”
~ Target run with a sad teething babe.
~ Air conditioning went out so we spend the weekend at my parents. — Which the boys loved.


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