Sunday Dinner

I probably sound like a broken record when I say this… but.. I LOVE Sundays.
Sundays mean; family time, relaxing time, a time for feeding the soul, family walks and most importantly… family dinner! ;))
Gibby & Uncle Eston ^^
Here’s half of the Family. 
Just missing Aric, Kara, Chris & Kristin + their 3 little ones.  
We did get to Skype with Chris & Kristin and their little ones later that night, which us living so far away from each other is always fun to see all of them. 
 It was also fun to have all the little cousins see and talk to each other.
(most of them have never met in person before.) 
They went back and forth asking each other questions like; “whats your favorite color” “whats your favorite animal?” “how old are you?” and then they sang a few primary songs together. 
It really was the cutest thing.  
I can’t wait until they can all get together and play in person. <3
Also, Kara is moving back to Utah so we will get to see a lot more of her soon!! 
I love the family I married into!  I got pretty lucky with that one<3
Dinner was really yummy. We had salom burgers and Audrie made some really good guacamole we added to the burgers for the perfect taste. 
It was pretty danggg good!! 
This girl cracks me up. How is she already turning 1 next week?!! My baby girl is growing up way. too. fast. She now has five teeth, has stood up on her own a few times and has the best little booty dance around. 
She hasn’t attempted taking any steps yet.. but I’m just letting her do her thing, no rush in my opinion. 
Nix is a all around animal/bug/reptile lover. He is always wants to make sure whatever creature he finds has a home. That boy has one big heart. 

Jovi is big into playing pretend and action figures. It’s fun to watch him play and hear the different voices he uses to talk his different action figures. He really gets into it. It’s pretty adorable. Well that’s it for now.

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