Believe in you.

you know that thing? 
that thing you are most afraid of? 
that thing that is holding you back?
 that thing that is stopping you this very moment from following your dreams 
and reaching your highest potential?
ya that thing. 
want to know a secret?
 you are bigger than that thing, 
you can face and over come it.
and even change it.  
you are stronger than you think. 
you just need to believe in you
that thing may not even be a thing,
maybe your just making it all up? 
Stop blaming others.
Stop making up excuses.
Stop putting it off. 
Today is the day, 
today is YOUR day to face that thing that’s holding you back. 
because guess what?
that thing can be changed.
that thing is your thoughts.
which in turn, you have total control over. 
so take control, 
and change your thoughts.
let only positive vibes dwell in you. 
you are the product of your thoughts,
so be brave, make the change
and never again let that “thing”
get in your way. 

-Norman Vincent Peale
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