Hiroko’s 16th Birthday

Can you tell we are Sisters?! For the record, I had them first;)

Growing up, we always had exchange students from Japan come stay with us. They are some of the sweetest most polite people I know.

This Month, my parents and Sister each have two students staying with them. They are just as sweet as ever and so cute with all the little ones.

They all kept “oo-ing” & “ahh-ing” at Gibby when she would repeatedly say “hi” to them.

A few nights ago, we celebrated Hiroko’s 16th birthday at my parents house. They took her out to eat with some of the other students while a few of my siblings and I decorated the house & cake to surprise her when they got back.

She was so cute and surprised when she walked through the door and we all yelled “surprise!” she may have been in a little shock as well. haha.

We all gathered around as she opened her gifts and then sang happy birthday to her.

Gibby was our source of entertainment for the evening.
They kept pulling out their camera’s to take pictures of her. She’s such a little goof.

I think we all will be pretty sad when we have to say our goodbyes.

But until then, we will keep living it up like there is no tomorrow, the American way;)

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