Little Loves

Gibson loves putting on mine or Evan’s hats. I’ll find her throughout the day walking around with one on her head. Sometimes she will even run right into the wall because the hat is too big and she can’t see where she’s going! She’s never gotten really hurt, and will jump right back up and keep walking around with it on. She’s such a funny little human.
Jovi is such a good brother with the biggest heart ever. He is always looking out for everyone and loves passing out hugs and kisses. He in return likes a lot of hugs and kisses. One of his favorite things is when I rub essential oils on this back and then scratch it at night before bed. When I try and stop he’ll say “noo don’t stop, more scratching please!”
Nixon is very thoughtful and very creative. He loves sculpting things out of play dough and is really good at it. Yesterday he made a stegosaurus and a nest with eggs in it. I was really impressed!
I told her to smile and this is what i got. haha.
Yesterday, we got our car back from the shop, so I took the little ones out for some exploring while Ev was at work.
First things first, the car needed to be vacuumed and washed since it hadn’t been cleaned since after our trip out here.  It was pretttttyyy bad and making my anxiety run very high! I HATE having a messy car, so vacuuming it is usually a weekly occasion with our three little messy monkeys.
After I got the car all nice and cleaned, we went to check out a few shops and found some other places to add to our family to do list. After our 4th stop, and chasing a few wild kids around the store, it was time to make our way back home and get Gibson down for a nap.
During nap-time, I cleaned up the house and started some laundry while the boys played with play dough. Play dough has definitely been a big life savor around here as I have been trying to unpack boxes and get the house in order. It will seriously entertain them for hours.
When Gibs got up, i fed her a snack then started making taco’s for dinner. I turned on T Swifts new album and had a little dance party with her in the kitchen while she helped me make dinner. When the Shake It Off song came on, I would shake my hair in her face while busting out a silly move, she thought it was hilarious and couldn’t stop laughing! when i would stop so she could catch her breathe, she would  try and mimic everything i did. She’s so great!  <3 The boys came in to join us when they heard gibby laughing. We danced and made Gibson laugh a litter longer, then at dinner.
Ev got home a little bit later and we had the Missionaries from our church stop by for a visit. Our kids are nowhere near shy, and loved having visitors over to show them all their toys and whatever else they could find. haha. Nixon (all on his own and without anyone asking) went and filled up two glasses of water and set them down in front of the missionaries haha. I guess he thought he looked thirsty or something. I thought it was really sweet of him.
After then left, we tucked our little loves in and headed for bed. It’s crazy how much our schedule and nightly routine has changed since we moved out here. The kids are in bed a lot earlier then before and even we have been getting to sleep a lot earlier. We must be getting old or something.
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