Putting up the Christmas Tree


Today was a good day. A lot better than yesterday thank goodness. Yesterday I wasn’t feeling very well and so nothing got done. The dishes piled up and there were messes upon messes everywhere i looked. Luckily, the boys were so good to play and entertain themselves without needing much of my attention and Gibson took two naps – which never happens. I was defiantly being watched over that day.

So I woke up feeling a lot better and dived into yesterdays dishes, laundry and messes around the house. It took me almost a hour to get the kitchen cleaned and the old dishes scraped off. But once it was cleaned, i was feeling pretty good about my day.

Ev got home a little after 6 with some groceries he picked up from the store. He’s so good to us. We ate dinner – a delicious pot pie a dear friend made for us and sent home with Evan – it was honestly one of the best pot pies i have had (and i’m not just saying that) it really was!

After dinner, Nixon could NOT wait any longer to set up our Christmas tree and said “nooowww can we put up the tree?! pleassssseee!” You should have seen the look on his face when we said “yes!”

Nix helped Ev set up the tree while i cleaned up the dinner dishes and took care of Jovi and Gibby. Jovi hasn’t been feeling very well so he was needing some extra attention and love tonight. He kept saying “Mama, i can’t walk cause I’m sick, hold me” poor little guy. I love my little Jojo, he’s such a little sweetie and his extra cuddly hugs was just what I needed.

IMG_9415 IMG_9417 IMG_9418 IMG_9419

Once the tree was up, we noticed the hooks to hang the ornaments were missing. Nixon ran over to the drawer and pulled out some paperclips, runs back over to the tree and says, “look we can use these to hang the ornaments!” He starts bending them and putting them through the top of the ornament and hangs them onto the tree as he sings, “this is halloween, this is halloween”  (they had just watched nightmare before Christmas a few days ago.)

Once he got a few hung up on the tree, he looks over and me and says, “Mom, am i being like a engineer because I made these?!” I was a little shocked at how he came up with that and quickly said, Yes you are like an Engineer! and a very smart one!  What is he, 4 going on 18?! Don’t grow up too fast my sweet one.

During the tree decorating party, Gibson was starting to get pretty fussy so I turned down the Christmas music and had Ev go and lay her down. He sang her the song I sing to her every night, gave her her bink and blankie and then tucked her in her crib. He’s such a good papa bear.

It wasn’t long after that, that Jovi was ready for bed as well. I scratched his back told him how much I love him and how handsome and smart he is then kissed him goodnight. I let Nix stay up a little longer with us as we finished the last finishing touches of the tree. He’s such a good helper. This past  week, we have noticed him being a lot more helpful lately. Just this last Sunday, Ev and I were sitting in our bed and he brings us a turkey cheese sandwich that he had made All. By. Himself! without us even asking him too. He also asked if we needed a drink to go with it haha. Where did this kid come from?!

Finally the tree was done, and it was time for the rest of us to head to bed. I let Nixon lay in our bed as he fell asleep (something he hasn’t done for a very long time) After he was a sleep I stopped typing for a minute and stared at his cute little face. I love the freckles that run across his nose and cheeks and the way he sleeps with is eyes still open a tiny bit. I love his long beautiful lashes and the way his hair fell over his eyes so i could brush it away and tuck it behind his ear. Time is flying by, and my babies are growing faster than I would like. I don’t want to miss a thing. I hope they always know how special they are to me, to us. and how lucky we feel to be raising them.  They are pretty special little humans and not just that, they are our special little humans.



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