Boys vs Girls

It’s been fun to see the difference between raising boys and raising girls. I love how different they are and how naturally they take onto different things. Gibson is already taking onto the mommy stuff and is obsessed with babies. Every time we go out, she points at all the babies she sees and practically jumps out of my arms to try and get to them. This happens every time we go out. I love it. She also will put on her little purse and say “buh-bye, see ya!” pass out kisses and then heads for the front door. She likes to smoother her little babe with kisses and push her around in a little stroller daddy brought home for the thrift store a couple weeks ago. She was SO excited when he surprised her with it. She goes around pushing her through the house, then has to stop and give her a kiss then continues pushing her. I love watching her! She’s such a sweet little Mommy.  
The boys love to just be boys. From playing outside to kicking a ball around or playing in the mud. They also love tackling each other, playing with cars and trucks and play-doh.  As long as they are doing something were mess is involved they are happy. 😉
As different as they are in some ways, they are also very similar too. My boys like to play house, color, help me with baking. read books and play super hero dress up. Gibby likes to do the same. She also loves being outside, playing in the dirt or playing with cars and trucks right along side with her brothers. It’s been fun to see the difference but it’s also been fun to see the similarities. They are all unique in their own little way. And I love that I have the opportunity to raise them and watch them grown into moms and dads someday. It kind makes me sad and happy all at the same time. I wish they could just stay little forever! but I’m also excited to see who and what they will become. The possibilities are endless and I’m making it a priority to help them feel love and to also believe in themselves and wholeheartedly love themselves just the way they are. When that belief is in their hearts, there is nothing that will ever get in their way of reaching their highest potential. 

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