Little Sickies

Last week the sick bug hit us, and it hit us pretty dang good. Jovi was the first to get sick, then Gibby, then Nixon. By the end of the week, all three of them were sick and I quickly became an expert puke catcher. It was pretty epic. 
The times I had all three taken care of and a sleep, I did a little victory dance. I hated seeing them so sick. It hurt my heart and quickly put into perspective the things that matter most. I’ve been putting down my phone more and really trying to give them my full attention when I’m with them. I’ve been making more of an effort to really look into their eyes when they have a question and have more meaningful conversations. I’ve already noticed a change in both them and me. It’s been a good change. 
The only good thing of all this sickness, has been realigning my priorities and also getting a lot of extra loves & snuggles. We read a lot of stories, watched a lot of movies, always had essential oils on hand and I would sing to them to help comfort them or help them fall asleep. 
All three of them slept most of the day on Friday and I was able to catch up on a lot of cleaning which felt really nice. The house never looked so clean! but under the circumstances, I prefer healthy babies and the mess. 😉
Everyone seems to be doing a lot better today. I was so relieved with Gibson was finally able to keep some applesauce down without loosing it right after I fed it to her. Nix has been resting on the couch all morning and Jovi woke up with a pretty bad cough. I’m just praying everyone is well for when we go back to Utah to visit next week. 

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