Picking up Daddy from the airport

The beginning of last October, I loaded the three babes into the car and drove down to Vegas airport to pick up Ev. He had been in Missouri trying out for a job at a salon the last few days (where he is currently working now.) and we were all SO excited to see him. I felt pretty proud of myself for getting us through the Vegas airport to where we needed to be, just me and the kids. They all did surprisingly well. looking back now, I think we were being looked after because so many things could have gone wrong that didn’t. They all did awesome on the 1 1/2 hour drive, we found a close parking place, I had just enough cash to pay for parking, the airport wasn’t too crowded, the boys sat in the stroller for me, the list goes on. 
We sat and waited about 20 mins for Papa bear to get off the plane. The boys kept asking if they could see the plane he was flying on. I thought maybe we would be able to watch from out the window, but we couldn’t really see anything, so I told them the plane was on the other side of the building and we needed to just wait here because this is where Daddy’s was going to be picking up his luggage and they needed to help spot out the suitcase with their imaginary spyglass. That seemed to work. 
When we FINALLY spotted him, they all ran to him screaming out “Daddy, Daddy!” It was so cute to watch them and capture this moment. I remember thinking, wow, I am so lucky to have these people in my life. They truly make me so happy. 
After leaving the airport, we headed to the Vegas strip because I promised them that if they were good at the airpot, we would take them to the M&M factory to pick out some M&M’s. 
–We are all pretty big M&M fans. It’s a candy we all can agree on. 
We let the boys each pick out what color of M&M’s they wanted. They loved it and couldn’t believe how many choices there were. 
haha my skinny boys and their saggy pants. Even Ev’s shoe laces weren’t cuttin it. 
By this point, Gibson was getting pretty sleepy. She was content to just hang out with Mama and observe all the excitement going on. Gosh I love this girl. 
As we were leaving the store, they were doing the M&M dance outside, Nixon thought he would join in. The kids got some pretty good moves! I was impressed. 
Before we headed home, we road in the coke bottle elevator to the very very top. Which ended up being the highlight of our trip. I love how easily entertain little kids are. 
We were all so happy to have our Babe back. We kinda missed him. A lot. 
Four days away from him was wayyyy too long. 
Now we are going to be the ones leaving and he is staying behind. How are we going to make it 2 weeks without him!! We well definitely be having a lot of FaceTime dates while we are in Utah visiting family. Sure wish he was coming with us!

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