Paintable Piggy Banks

Since the boys old piggy bank broke before the move, Nix has been asking me if they can get a new one. They both like to have a place to put their money they earn throughout the week, especially big quarters for the quarter machine addiction that he earns through out the week so we started hunting around for some good piggy banks. Those two clean me out of quarters so fast! Every store we go to, I see them scanning around checking for quarter machines. They crack me up. It does make for a good bribe to help them sit in the cart while we shop, or at least walk by the cart. 
We found a few piggy banks the other day but I thought it would be more fun for them to design their own personal piggy banks. They loved the idea! So as soon as Gibby girl was down for her afternoon nap, we got everything set up to paint. 
Once things got a little too messy for inside, I thought the back porch was a better idea. Plus we needed to get outside and enjoy the nice weather we were having. 
I thought they did a fabulous job! They couldn’t’ wait for them to dry so they could put their coins inside. 
p.s The paintable piggy banks are found here 

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