Life is a Gift

There is nothing quite like Sunday’s in my mind. We get Ev the whole day, and right after church, we are back into our lazy clothes with no plans but to just hang out, relax and just be lazy ALL day. 
Nix was laughing so hard he fell over and couldn’t get back up haha!
One thing that makes this Mama heart of mine real happy, is seeing my man crush play with our little loves. I see so much joy in both his eyes and theirs when they are just goofing around, playing tickle torture or monster freeze tag. He’s such a good papa bear to them. We all kinda like him, like a Lot.  
Jovi’s magic act^^ I love his magic fingers in the background 
Life kind of slowed down for me this week. Our sweet Jovi had a pretty high fever off and on all week with no other symptoms. And on top of that, he got a little nip by a friends dog just above his right eye. We were so lucky it missed his eyeball. He’s doing a lot better now and we are counting our blessings. 
It quickly put things more into perspective for us. With that and the one year of Dan and Jacqui’s sweet little Ryan, I have definitely been holding my little loves even more close than I already do. Life is a gift that we are given each day and with everyday we are blessed with, it is with purpose. We have a purpose. We all have a purpose to be here to rise above ourselves and help each other. Life is beautiful. It really is. Don’t ever take it for granted.
This weeks mantra for me as been “life is a gift I have been blessed with, what can I do today to give back and show thanks” It really has been on repeat in my mind ALL week. Maybe it’s because I needed to share it on here. 
I’m defiantly feeling extra lucky to have these people in my life + Gibby of course 😉 
I’m looking forward to a new “healthy” week, to spend time creating more fun memories with my family and loving to the fullest.
 My heart is full, my soul is very happy and I’m not wasting another minute.
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