Bad days happen too.

Compared to yesterday’s lovely and productive day, somehow today turned into pretty much the opposite. A whole lotta whining and crying was happening at the Stowers house hold and way more than I would have liked. At one point, I had all three of them at my feet crying, needing something or wanting to be held. I was close to breaking point and wanted so badly to just join in on all the crying and kick my feet on the floor (which I’m surprised I didn’t) but instead I all of the sudden blurted out really loud, like really loud, “hakuna matata!” instantly it got them all quite and I had their full attention. lol Then Nix asked “what does hakuna matata mean?” That was my queue and I starting singing, “it means no worries for the rest of your days. It’s our problem free, philosophy, hakuna matata” I wasn’t only singing as ridiculously as possible, but I also through in some pretty dramatic theatrical actions as I was singing. They loved it. And the crying soon turned into laughing and dancing. It was just what we all needed.
The rest of the day went fairly well. We even made it out of the grocery store with absolutely NO tantrums. H a l l e l u j a h. It was all fine until it was time to start dinner, than of course all hell broke loose and they all decide they needed me or something and the whining and crying is back. (why does it always happen when I’m on the phone or trying to make dinner?) It’s hard enough to bring myself to make dinner, but with three crying babes at your feet… get out of town. It was craziness beyond craziness I tell you. Luckily Ev got home early and rescued his damsel in distress.  He helped with dinner (insert praying emojii here) while I tended to the sweet but needy little loves and by the end of the night. I.was.BEAT, we both were beat. Nix hasn’t been feeling well to he went down rather quick. Gibson was SUPER cranky and luckily it only took a few tries before she was down for the night (inhale deeply, exhale…) i had to keep reminding myself.
 Jov was the last to go to bed, he ended up cuddling in next to Ev and I and feel asleep as I as I worked on blogging and editing pics. His little hand rested on my arm and slowly slid off as he drifted of to sleep. His heavy breathing reminded me of how each of these little humans we are raising really are so sweet and little miracles and gifts from God. Each one teaching me and strengthen me everyday. I wanted to document this because I would like to think that one day when they’re grow with kids of their own, they will look back and read this on a hard day and realize they’re not alone. That I once went through the same thing, and I’m sure my Mama did too. We all have bad days but we also have really good days. Sure it’s a heck of a lot easier to document the good days, but today i feel it was worth documenting the not so good too. Here’s to life, to being human and to living each day the best that we can. And when the those bad days come try singing a silly song and it may surprise you how quickly it can brighten your day. 

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