Watermelon Picnic

Well, all three of the little loves managed to get sick this weekend so I’ve been playing Dr. Mom and prescribing extra doses of snuggles. It breaks my heart to see them so sick and I hope everyone gets better quick! 
Saturday morning, there was a small break in the rain clouds so I thought a watermelon picnic and fresh air sounded like a great idea.  I cut some extra happy watermelon to help cheer them up and we ate it out back on a blanket. They loved the smiling watermelon and each took a turn taking bits out of the faces and also tried holding it up to their own face. Nix would say, “heyyy everyone look at me! I’m a watermelon head!” In which Gibby tried mimicking right after. Jovi tempted picking it up but then decided against it because it was too juicy and slippery for his liking. He doesn’t like any type of food or stickiness on his hands. Total pet peeve of his.
Just as we were finishing up, we heard some thunder in the distance that made us all pretty giddy, we love a good thunderstorm. Gibby kept pointing to the sky saying, “raining, raining!” She loves watching the rain just like her mama. 🙂 So we headed back inside just in time to watch the rain pour down.  
I swear kids are so funny when it comes to being sick. It’s like one minute they are laying on the couch and then the next they are up running around then back on the couch. I wish I had that kind of energy whenever I was sick. I had to keep reminding them that they needed to rest and take it easy so they could get better. Very hard for a 5, almost 4 and almost 2 year old to understand.
When Ev got home later that night he watched the kids for me so I could get out of the house for a bit and run to Target. Which was exactly what I needed and was very sweet of him to suggest. 

Today we are just going to take it easy, probably watch more of our favorite movies and read books on the couch or build block cities. 
Ev has a training today, so It’s just me and the loves until he gets home later tonight. 
We will be counting down the hours until he gets back home to us.:)

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