Pioneer Day — A Utah Holiday

Pioneer Day is a holiday that only the state of Utah celebrates. It’s pretty much like a second 4th of July for us! There’s a parade, festivities, booths, pie walks and fireworks. The whole shebang.

Our Pioneer Day was jammed packed with a whole lot of fun which also lead to 3 very tired and cranky kiddos by the end of it all, and also, somewhere in the middle of it too.

Our day started bright and early. I got the kids up so we could make it to the 9am parade both boys were going to be in with their cousin Haiven. Ev had work, so i was running a solo act getting everyone ready and out the door but somehow managed it and even made it there on time. (mom points)

It was so cute watching them in the parade! They took their job of throwing out candy very seriously and waved excitedly when they spotted us out of the crowd. Gibson waved at almost every float or person that passed by, she was loving it, and so was I.

After the parade, they all sharing their candy from the parade on our new favorite picnic mat. Then we all hung around the park and played most of the games with Grandma, my Sister Chantelle and her two kiddos, my other younger siblings and also my good friend Lindsy who met us there later.

There was fishing, digging for gold, snow cones, races, stilt walking, pony rides and even a dunking booth! All the things that bring me right back to my childhood.

Nix wanted to take this little guy home with us. <3 p="">
Nixon did the race but tripped right in the beginning so he came in dead last. I was still one proud Mama though! As soon as he crossed the finish line he says, “that was fun! did I win anything Mama?!” I gave him two quarters which of course made Nixon James day. (quarter obsessed)
Gibson wasn’t as excited about the race, probably because it was right around the time she usually is taking a nappy. 
We stood in line at this booth for at least 20 mins but it was totally worth it;)
Bubba and Gibby entertained us with some sweet dance moves to Taylor Swift while we waited in line. 
And then my friend lindsy came!! It’s always a good day when we can get together. 
Those are the days I wish never had to end. 
My pretty Mama and brother Sky. 
Snow cone mustaches ^^^ priceless. 
All the kids won a train whistle for trying to hit the bell all the way to the top. 
And then it was time for the dunking booth!
These three sillies could pass as triplets. 
In line to get dunked (all their idea) and then chickened out right as it was their turn to go. 
The perfect shot of my little Sis Kandi getting dunked. 

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