Let’s Be Frank

The little loves were just about as excited as I was to open up our new goodies from frank body. I couldn’t get over how cute the packaging was! The one I had my eyes on first was the coconut body scrub, I couldn’t wait to try it.  
The Frank experience//
I started my morning off with rinsing my face then lightly scrubbing my face in circular motions then later that night scrubbed the rest of my body in the shower. I seriously can’t get enough of this stuff! it left my skin feeling all sorts of smooth. I loved using the peppermint one in the shower, the aroma was heavenly. I spent 5-10 mins scrubbing it all over in circular motions and spent a little extra time on the dryer parts such as my feet and heals. Guys, I’m telling you, this stuff is so great! 
Here’s a helpful tippy tip**
My skin is pretty dry, so after scrubbing with the coffee beans and rinsing, I then let the remaining oils just soak into my skin. Buuut if you have oily skin, after rinsing off the scrub, I would then use a mild body wash to wash off some of the left over oil from the scrub. xox 
oh my sweet Gibby goo, what am i going to do with you?! 
She always likes to take a turn with the camera remote. Apparently it tastes good too. 
My Sissy Kye wanted to join in on all the fun. 
After Nix put it on and saw himself in the mirror he started laughing and said, “I look like an old man with a beard!” Then we had an old man voice contest between the four of us. I think Gibby won. haha
If you want to get in on the frank_bod experience, check em out here

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