Sibling Love

Nothing makes me happier than seeing the relationship of my three little ones grow. This doesn’t mean that they all get along perfectly ALL the time, who are we kidding?! But the moments they do  and giggle and laugh together are the moments I live for and hold dear to my heart.
Jovi gets home from school an hour and a half before Nixon, so during this time it’s been fun to see Gibson and Jovi interact and play more with each other. It’s usually him and Nixon and Gibson trying to tag along, so I think she’s been really enjoying this one-on-one time with just her and Jovi.
He’s really sweet with her too. He will even play house or dolly’s – He’s always the Daddy and she’s always the Mommy. But there has been a few times where he’s been the brother and she’s the Mommy. haha. Watching my little ones play house is one of my favorites.
A typical Nixon face caught on camera^^ I really can’t get over this boy and his freckles!! Those plus his beautiful blue eyes, we really are in trouble with this one! With all of our kids at that matter. I remember my Dad joking around saying things like, “I’m not letting you out of the house until you’re married!” Now that’s going to be me saying that to my kids! You three really are not leaving the house until you are grown and married ;)) Also, Gibson – boys really do have coodies. I’m just thanking my lucky starts you have two older brothers to help look after you!
I sure do love you my sweet ones.
Thanks for choosing me to be your Mama!
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