Gods light and love

Spending this lovely afternoon with my loves. Feeling empowered and uplifted after listening to our churches semi annual General Conference. I was thinking today, that it’s funny how my feelings towards General Conference has changed from when I was younger. Now I look forward to General conference and get a little sad every time the last sunday session is over haha. I love that I can now view and listen to them anytime I want through our churches app {Gospel Library}  I soak up every word our leaders teach us and feel like every.single.time. I receive some sort of answers or inspiration that has been heavy on my heart. It’s amazing how the Lord works and how he is ALWAYS there for us. WE just need to be the ones to let him in, to let him touch our hearts and heal our hearts in ways would never be able to achieve on our own. 
I’m so grateful for my family, for a loving Heavenly Father who really KNOWS me and when I seek to learn more about him, my purpose in life of who I am and can become becomes more clear. I hope you all have a beautiful Sunday and consider letting Gods light & love into your lives.
 You can view General Conference anytime online here

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