Last trip to the pool for the Summer

When toddler tantrum or toddler hurricane hits our house, I usually will load everyone up in the car and go for a drive, or go on a walk for some fresh air and a jump in the pool. This particular time I chose the fresh air and a jump in the pool, mainly because our pool was closing this week for the summer.
Nixon was in charge of holding the drink, Jovi was in charge of holding the pool key, and little miss Gibson was in charge of closing the garage. Each of them took their job very seriously and was happy to help out Mama. It made them feel important and got their minds off the current mood they were all in. Winning.
Nixon was showing off his cute crooked pinky he inherited from his Daddy.
Then he started teaching Jovi how to pinky swear.
I’m pretty proud of my Nixon buddy! He went from complaining if anyone splashed water at his face, to teaching himself how to go fully under water and swim a short distance to me! I really am so so proud of him. He’s been watching his little cousin Haiven teach herself how to swim like a “mermaid” So now that he can swim along with her I’m feeling really sad that our swimming days have already come to an end for the year. I guess there’s always the indoor pools…
I had to make sure to let Jovi know that he was also doing a very good job as well at practicing going under water and swimming along the steps. He’s always been a lot more timid of the pool so these small improvements are actually really bigs ones for him! I’m proud of you my sweet Jovi boy.
1…2…3…JUMP! Wait! not all at the same time!! ^^
 Juggling three little sillies at the pool can get a little tricky. But we sure had a lot of fun.
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