Five Tips to Help Get Your Toddler Involved in Chores – Age-Appropriate Chore Chart Included

Teaching responsibility to our little loves at a young age as been something both Evan and I felt very strongly about. Of corse, depending on their age has determined the amount of accountability we expect from them. We always try and keep it fun and have them feel like they are also in control of what chores they get to help with. Making it FUN is the key word here!

Nixon is 5 almost 6 and he is very money driven. So I’ll have him do little chores around the house for such and such amount of money. He loves quarters, so we usually will say how many quarters he will get with each job he does. Often times, I’ll catch him doing things on his own like — pulling the dry clothes out of the drying and putting the wet ones from the washer into the dryer. Wait, what?!! Yeah, i was in complete shocked!  And as soon as he was done he comes up to me and asks, “k Mom, how many quarters did I earn?! haha.
Jovi is 4 almost 5 and he is not quite as money driven as Nixon is. I feel like most of the time he just does it because big brother is doing it, which is fine, but I also want to cater to what motivates and drives Jovi. So, I figured out that he is more welling to help out when we are doing the jobs together. He likes to feel supported. Another thing I have noticed is that if I narrow it down for him that helps a ton too. For example; if I ask him to pick up all the legos he’ll come back and say, “I can’t it’s too hard!” or “I’m too tired” But If I narrow it down by color, he is more welling to do it and then it turns into a game rather than a “chore”. Or if I say; “hey Jovi, lets see how fast we can clean this up together!” that gets a good responds as well.
Gibson girl is 2 almost 3 and so we of course don’t expect a lot but we also don’t limit when she shows interest in helping out. For her, she loves to sing while we clean, she’s really good at it too:) She also likes to help out with things I’m doing, so I have been trying to make more of an effort so slow down a little and let her help pull the dishes out of the dishwasher, because even though I could get it done a lot faster, it’s also important to nurture her willingness to want to help.
So I’ve narrowed it down to five tips we have found helpful in getting our kids involved in chores.
I listed them below!


1. Make it fun
I don’t think I can stress this one enough, making it fun is what gives us the best results. We sing while we put the books back on the bookshelf, or time ourselves to see how fast we can get one room cleaned. And take little dance party breaks in between when needed. We have also found that our kiddos really enjoy chore charts and checking off their jobs.
2. Don’t expect perfection
This one is pretty self explanatory. They are little, which means they are still learning and some days will be easier than others. Just try to stay persist don’t expect it to be perfect. that will save you a lot of stress and trouble.
3. Praise their effort during the process
We want them to feel like their effort and them trying their best is all that counts. We give them little phrases of affirms of encouragement as they are working on their job. This helps with self confidence and it also makes them feel that what they are doing is noticed and important.
4. Rotate the chores they help with
As somethings are good to keep in the same pattern or system (like our bedtime routine) we have noticed that when we rotate their jobs or chores, it helps keep things more interesting for them and something different for them to look forward to.
5. Set the example for them
Of course as parents, we know our kids learn a lot just by our example. Which is a little intimidating but also keeps us on our toes;) I have definitely grown a lot as a Mama just be keeping this in the back of my mind. Evan and I both feel very grateful to our parents for the examples they set to us through our childhood years.
Here is an Age-Appropriate Chore Chart my Mama found over at The Flander Family and I have found it to be very helpful!
chore chart
We would love to hear any tips or tricks you have found that works for you and your little loves!
Happy Day!
 The Melissa & Doug Chore Chart can be found here
Also in store here

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