Happy Socks

Happy Monday/President’s Day! Hope everyone is having a fun 3 day weekend. Ours has been pretty good! I went to the Parade of Homes with my Mom, Sissie’s and Cousin, some of Evan’s family came down, and we are going to be involved in a cool project tonight, so it’s been a fun/busy three day weekend.

Here is a little video I put together in celebration of Ev moving into a studio salon last month. We are pretty excited about it. It’s just one step closer to achieving our goals and dreams. It’s been a long winding road for us, but I think things are finally starting to straighten out somewhat and the path is becoming a little more clear, — well as clear as it can be for us.;) Anyways, I’ll stop rambling and let you have a look at the video!

Side note, The song is by Evan’s old band called Postcards Home. Which is actually how we met! <3


Our socks are from Happy Socks


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