Feeding the Chickens and a Letter to Gibson


Dear Gibson girl,

Hey sweet girl, just wanted to write you on here instead of in your baby journal to let you know how much I love you and what you have been up to lately.

You are going to be three this July and I really can’t handle it. Where the heck has the time gone?! You are such a beautiful little girl and love helping mama out with just about everything you can. This morning, you insisted on spreading the butter and strawberry jam on your toast all.by.yourself and when I tried to help, you pushed my hand out of the way. haha.

You love baby dolls and real babies. One of my favorite things to do is listen to you play and talk to your babies; “here ya go baby, that’s better”, “It’s ok, it’s ok, i got chew”, “wanna go for a ride in yo strolla?! ok!”, “shhhhhh, baby’s sleepin”  You have the sweetest little voice and I keep telling myself I need to get more video clips of you talking, I’ll try and get on that, right….now…

You love hanging out with Nixon and Jovi and LOVE it when they play house with you. Your favorite shows right now are Masha and the Bear, Lalaloopsy, kate and Mim Mim and the kids youtube app.

Now that it’s been getting warmer, we have been spending a lot of time outside. We set up a little pool in the backyard and you and Jov played in it for hours the other day. Mama played too and captured it along the way.

Lately, Mama has been trying to take in all the little things and live more intentionally. This life is not always the easiest with all the trials and battles we are faced with each day, but there is also so much beauty, love and happiness this life has to offer when we are searching for it.

My prayer for you is that you will always know how much you are loved and continue looking at yourself in the mirror the same way you do now. –Even keep giving yourself kisses in the mirror every now and then. I think it’s the cutest thing.

A few things I hope you will always remember is; Never stop loving yourself, forgive, be kind to others and share your gifts with the world. You have so much to offer my sweet one and I am so excited to see what this life has in store for you. We love you so very much.



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