Our Students from Japan!

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Since Sunday, we have been hosting two exchange students from Japan, they are here for a football camp and are so fun and polite! All growing up, my parents always had exchange students coming to stay with us from Japan, we loved it! This is my first time hosting at my own home and It’s been just as fun. Nixon, Jovi and Gibson are in heaven! They have a lot of fun with Kodai and Hayato.

Every evening when they get home from football, the kiddos have a lot of fun entertaining them. They pretty much have the whole evening played out for them;) A few nights ago they made origami’s, colored, drew pictures of them and ate brownies. Last night they looked at books and tried to read them, their english isn’t very good so I thought it was really cute that they were trying so sound our the words, Nix and Jov were good at helping them pronounce the words. Gibson taught them Ol’macdonald and had them laughing all evening, she’s hilarious. I put together a little video I’ll post at the bottom. You can also follow along with us on Snapchat for more goofiness my username is tays1022.

IMG_4119IMG_4122They are only here for a week and it’s already flown by so fast! It’s going to be sad to see them go! I’m sure the little loves with be talking about them for a long time:)


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