Earth Day


Over the weekend, we took a little trip to Springdale to go check out an Earth Day celebration. Some of our friends were running a booth, so we thought it would be fun to go down to say hi and check out all the festivities! They had a kids craft corner that the little loves were all about.  They also had a bing bag toss, live entertainment and some delicious authentic pizza! When we first got there, it was a little chilly, but after a little bit the sun came out and our jackets came off. And by that time I was glad we had brought the stroller with us! Most of the time it just ends up being our carryall.


The face painting booth seemed to be one of the most popular booths there! We ended up getting out of line and headed over to the craft corner (the boys were done waiting in line haha.)  At the kids craft corner, Nixon and Jovi both drew suns on colored paper then glued them to popsicle sticks and wrapped yarn around them. They were very proud of their creations! Gibson girl chose a little basket she colored on with four different markers. She would carefully pick a color, color on the basket, put the lid back on and then choose a different color. Let’s just go back to the part were I said (put the lid back on!) this is something we have been working on, so sitting back and watching her do this all on her own was gold to me.


Then there was the bing bag toss. This is a game my grandparents had and we would play in their backyard every time we went to visit. It’s been some of our families favorite memories! I love seeing my littles take on the same love for this game that I had as a little girl.


They had a lot of fun playing in this old Ford. Not sure how i feel about seeing Gibson behind the wheel though! This day is going to come before i know it. (insert emojii monkey hiding his eyes here.)


I’m a sucker for some good authentic Italian pizza! and this pizza was goooood! Gibson took off running with her piece she loved it to much haha. Nixon even tried some and liked it! Big winning points there.


Nixon is all about money theses days. He loves counting it and earning it. He brought some of his money to the festival but ended up not buying anything because he wanted to keep saving it, smart boy! His goal is to get to “100 bucks” with his birthday last week and all the chores he’s been doing, he is already half way there!


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