Gibson’s Obsession

Gibson is my right hand lady. Well, she’s actually a lefty but you get my drift 😉 She’s always right there wanting to help me (especially when it’s time to do my makeup.) She will even give up watching Masha and the Bear just so she can come help me. Haha. This is why I usually end up doing my makeup in the car most days, as much as I love her helping me though ;))

You see, she has this thing with lipstick… lip gloss… chapstick… lip balm… all of it really. Usually the first thing she asks me when we get into the car is if she can have some “lips” meaning any of those four things I mentioned before. It’s really kinda cute how obsessed she is with it.

A few weeks ago, when Jovi, Gibson and I were in salt lake for the weekend, Nixon stayed home with Ev and decided he wanted to put together a welcome home gift for us (ALL his idea ??) So for Gibson’s gift, he picked out some Doc Mcstuffins chapstick for her — which I thought was so cute and thoughtful, a dinosaur for Jovi and a Snicker bar for me! All of the gifts were something he knew we loved so I thought that was so dang cute of him☺️

Lip balm is from Poppy & Pout 🙂


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