Family Night Ice Cream

Last month at the kite festival, the little loves each got a card for a free frozen yogurt. Ever since then, Nixon has had this plan to all go out on a Monday night, for family night, and get frozen yogurt with their cards. So last night, we were finally able to make it happen! When we pulled up to the frozen yogurt place, I got the cards out and Ev looked at me and said,

“I wonder if they expire?” sure enough, they had expired in december! wait, December?! We had just got them a month ago?… I had noticed a gift card to another ice cream place as i was pulling out the other ones, so I suggested we went there instead. (If I’m being honest, I much rather have ice cream vs frozen yogurt! plus you can’t beat free:))

The kiddos were a little upset as we backed up and drove away but I hurried and explained to them that we were still going to get ice cream, we were just going to a different place. It took a minute for it to sink in, but once it did, they were totally fine with the new plan.


The boys knew exactly what they wanted once we got inside. Nixon chose a watermelon sorbet and Jovi chose Oreo and blue ice cream side by side. Mmm sounds delicious right? haha. Evan got oatmeal ice cream with sprinkles and I got my usual chocolate with snicker chunks. Gibosn just ended up sharing with all of us going back and for with her little spoon trying all the different flavors we had chose. I think she liked mine the best because she ended up eating at least half of it haha.


Loving this handsome guy more and more each day. It’s crazy how much I thought i loved him then and how much that love has grown!  I love love. 🙂


Keeping shoes on these three is such a struggle! We finally agreed that they could take them off to walk around on the bricks around the garden area, but once they wanted down, shoes were going back on! They may have broken that rule a few times too, learning to pick our battles over here one day at a time… 😉


In another life, I will have at least two extra arms, if not three or four.

Gosh I love these three so much.


I love our Nixon boy and his spunky personality.

He loves being silly and making us all laugh!



Our plan was to get a treat then let them run it off to get them tired and ready for bed. We got lucky this time because our plan actually worked!

Every night after jammies, teeth brushing, stories and prayers the little loves get to choose how they want to be brought to their beds. It’s either a piggy back ride, giant hops or flying like a superhero. Gibson usually picks a piggy back ride and the boys either pick flying or giant hops. It’s these little things that make me smile and make bedtime a little more fun and something for them to look forward to each night.

When it comes to parenting, I know we still have a lot to learn, we make mistakes everyday, but that’s just all apart of this beautiful journey called life, the life we have chosen to live as parents. I feel pretty dang lucky to have these people in my life and all the amazing friends and family we have that support us along the way. Love you all and thank you so much!!


Gibson’s bodysuit | here

My Bluebell Embroidered top | here (similar)  here 

My high waisted Jeans | here


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