Pickleball and Kwades Baptisam

A few weeks ago, after my little brothers baptism, we all went to the park for a picnic lunch, pickle ball and baseball. All my little brother, McKwades request. Ev wasn’t able to come because he had a full day booked of hair clients (which is a good thing:)) we just missed having him there with us. The boys

and I watched papa, grandpa and my two brothers play pickleball. I thought it was the cutest thing. My papa plays racquetball every week, so he knows what he’s doing out on the court!


Poor Jov forgot he’s not suppose to roll around on the grass without a shirt on and got a rash all over his back. He’s got the most sensitive skin. Poor guy.


We love when my brother Sky is in town! These photo’s of him and Gibs just make me smile. She loves him so much!



After pickleball, papa played baseball with Gibson and Copey. I’ve been wondering if her using her left hand was going to stick, and so far it’s looking like it is!

A little lefty just like her Daddy.


She had a lot of fun playing baseball with papa and actually hit the ball a few times! but she was having a hard time wanting to share the bat with her little cousin Copey, so this photo above ^^ was her running away trying to hold onto the bat as long as she could haha. But after talking her into going down the slide with me, she happily gave copey a turn with the bat. “Sharing is caring” is what I always hear my kiddos saying, just some times it’s a little harder than others. 😉


My cheeks get super red and splotchy whenever I’m out running in the sun too, ^^guess she got that from me and being a lefty from her Daddy.


Some of our friends showed up to the park and said they were going to be setting up a slip n slide and we were welcome to go on if we wanted!

little did I know that it was going to be a GIANT slip n slide!!!


Gibson wanted to go down with my sister Chantelle ^^ but I guess once was good enough for her haha. Plus it was getting close to nap time.


I just love this pic of my Sister Kylie and Gibson girl. You can’t really tell here, but she is due with her first baby July 4th with a little girl!! and we all our counting down the days!!! We really can’t wait to hold that sweet baby girl.


All of us (plus a few extras) at kwades baptism. That’s one big group!! But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Big families are the best.

Nix was not wanting to get his picture taken for some reason. There’s always one 😉 I finally had to just grab him so we could hurry and snap a photo haha.


Mckwade and all of his nieces and nephews! He’s pretty popular around here and my kiddos love having an (uncle) as their best friend.



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