I’m really proud of how far the little loves have come as far as the pool goes. Nixon basically taught himself how to swim, Jovi officially conquered his fear of going under the water, and is also teaching himself to swim, and Gibson will now let go of me and swim with her floaty all by herself. All of these accomplishments have definitely helped with my anxiety of the pool!

The boys started school last week, so we are still trying to adjust to the early school schedule with Nixon. Some mornings are easier than other, (especially with my morning sickness getting in the way most of the time) but we are getting there! Jovi has been loving kindergarten, he told me the other day that “school rocks!” Haha and Gibson girl is fully potty trained and my little sidekick lately. I love the one on one time we while both boys are in school. I think it’s especially been good with another new baby coming into the picture.

I’m really not ready for summer to end, but I am getting excited for Fall and Fall clothes. I’m feeling ready for a change of wardrobe! Just the other night, I could already feel the cooler breeze and it got me pretty excited for a new season to get here. It’s just around the corner! But until then… you can find us at the pool 😉

{Some more photo’s of our day at the pool with the cuzzies]


My Sissies kylie and Chantelle and cute little Cope.

This boy has been OBSESSED with balls as far as we can all remember, It really is the cutest thing.


Love him so much!!

 For those who have asked, my suit is from here 🙂


 Auntie Kye. <3<3<3


Gibson and her cousin Haven were busting each other up making up songs in the shower.

I really could watch these two play and pretend all day. Between their sass and silly personalities, it’s some pretty good entertainment 😉


I just love my sweet Jovi boy and his big heart. <3

Both of my boys have a love for stuffed animals and they usually end up coming everywhere with us. Yep, even to the pool.


These hooded towels have been so handy bringing them to the pool!

The kiddos love to snuggle up in them once they are ready to get out.


We are headed North for the weekend so Ev can do some hair.

Happy Thursday everyone!


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