A Delicious Treat from By Woops!


Checking the mail is one of the highlights of our day! haha I get in trouble if I check it without the little loves. They other day we got a fun unexpected surprise at our doorstep! These cute and delicious macaroons. They even had our blog logo on it! I don’t know what it is, but there’s just something extra special about customized gifts. It totally made my day! Plus made for a great bribery on getting the house cleaned. Double win. Each of the little loves called dibs on the one they wanted then we all got to work. Cleaning is so much more fun when we do it together! At least that’s how I feel about it. They each had their special jobs. Nix was in charge of everything green and red, jovi was in charge of everything blue and orange and Miss Gibson was in charge of everything pink and purple. Then we all pitched in together to pick up the rest. Cleaning is also more of a success with littles when you make it fun! — Something I’ve been working on more with them.


They ended up having to tastes test each one before they could decided on the one they wanted. I didn’t blame them. I followed after them and did the exact same thing. They were all so yummy, but i think the ones that had chocolate in them were my favorite. **Notice all their cute little dirty toes. It was straight to the bath after this 🙂


Gibson was seeing how many she could stack up. I didn’t notice how long her hair is getting until after looking at this photo! ^^


Jovi is a chocolate lover just like his Mama 🙂


Nix showing off his cool new cast. He even had our neighbors sign it! haha he thinks it’s pretty awesome. Which I’m glad, since he has to put up with it for the next six weeks.


Thanks again to By Woops  for the yummy treat! And for helping me get a clean house ;)))

I’ve been in a reorganizing dejunking rearranging mood lately, a lot more than usual. I’m in the process of getting ideas together for the girls room (still can’t believe were are adding another little girl to our family:)) I already have a few ideas, just still trying to narrow it down now… which is the hard part! After the girls room, I think I want to work on redoing the boys room, so any suggestions is totally welcome!


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