Playdate with my Babes


Never a dull moment with these sweet little monkeys of mine. It’s still pretty hot where we live, so instead of wishing it felt like Fall already!!! We took full advantage of it and when to the splash pad. It’s a favorite spot of ours and for some reason never seems to get old. The boys brought along their little guys so they wouldn’t miss out on all the fun. They lined them up on the bench, then started naming them off one by one to me. All while Gibby was putting on a little dancing while singing over by the fountain, that girl is always dancing! I love it.


They told me they would rather lay down on the cement vs their towels I brought because the cement was sooooo warm! They also thought it was fun making body prints on it from being all wet. Oh to be a kid again!


I think this little guy that Jovi was showing me was named slime guts, or maybe it was oosy eyeball. I’m not the best at remembering all their names like they are. 😉


Of course they kept wanting to send snapchats to our family and Daddy throughout the day!

I’m tays1022 over there if you would like to follow along:)


Gibby girl telling me about how she was too afraid to go in the middle of the fountain like her brothers. It’s ok Gibby girl, you can just sit here and cuddle with Mama 🙂


After they had enough of the splash pad, we went to the Children Museum for a bit to check out their new Dino room, then met up with Daddy for some delicious Cafe Rio, something we all can agree on 😉


Telling him all about our day! It definitely was a good one and for that, I am grateful.


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