Thunder Junction All Abilities Park


Over the weekend we went to the dedication of a new park in town called Thunder Junctions All Abilities Park. It’s been in the works for 3 years now and a lot of time, sweat and love went into building it. My mom’s good friend Jamie gave the dedicatory prayer. She did such a beautiful job and it was so fun to see everyone who came out to support the city’s new park. We all gathered at the entrance of the park for the dedication. Once the dedicatory prayer was finished, the gates opened and the littles all dragged us in haha! They had been waiting very patiently, okay… somewhat patiently to go in a see the new park! You can imagine how excited they were once the gates finally opened!

The dedication of the park was on the local news St. George website and somehow Gibson and I managed to get a picture taken of us that ended up on the website! Ha! Gibson and Haiven (my little niece) also were on a little video clip of the park which was so cute to watch! The park is definitely going to be a new favorite of my kiddos! There is even a cute train that goes around it.

Some photos of when we were waiting to go into the park.


My brother Skyler was in town, so he got to come with us to the dedication. I think Gibson got the best seat in the house.


My Mom’s friend Jamie saying the dedicatory prayer ^^

waiting in line

Jovi wanted to wear Papa’s Hawaii hat. I love that kid in hats! He also busted his lip open pretty good wrestling on the tramp. hashtag : boys.


Gibson checking out her map of the new park! Planning out where she wanted to go first.


A classic Nixon face. <3


My sis Kye braiding my other sister, Kandi’s hair while we were waiting.

best friends

Kandi and her cute friends.

And then of course yummy Yui (a nickname I gave here) over in the corner.


Haiven (my niece) and her gorgeous baby blue eyes!

img_9935 img_9942 img_9949

This swing seemed to be on of the popular ones!


Always going to town on the fists!! Love my little niece Yui too much!

img_9966fun swing

This was right when the guy from St. George news snapped a pic of us and asked for my last name haha. My Sister and cousin were the ones who spotted us on the news website and sent me a screenshot of it.

After everyone got a turn on the swing, we decided not to wait in the long line for the train ride and went to cafe rio instead. I’m sure we will be going back this week for the train ride. I’ve already been reminded at least 5 times since yesterday;)

Happy Monday friends!








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