Daily Harvest – Smoothies delivered to your front door!


You know it’s going to be a  great week when Daily Harvest shows up at your front door! The little loves were so fascinated at how the smoothies are still frozen inside the box! All we have to do was throw them in our freezer and then they are ready to use throughout the week or whenever we are in the mood for a smoothie! Some of our favorite flavors have been strawberry + peach, mango + camu and pineapple + matcha. Mmmm mmmm.

img_5254 img_5271 img_5281img_6742

The boys had the idea of stacking up all the smoothies and then picking out the flavor they wanted to try. It was Nixon’s turn to pick so he chose the watermelon + cucumbers. That kids lovvvvesss watermelon. All you do is pour in a liquid of your choice into the cup (we did coconut milk) and then dump it into the blender! Soooo easy and so gooood.

img_6748 img_6752 img_6754 img_6764 img_6771

I love how Gibson was covering her ears haha.

img_6781 img_6782 img_6788 img_6790 img_6792 img_6795

The smoothie making was a success. I think babe was the one who drank most of it haha.

img_6806 img_6808 img_6814

If you want delicious smoothies delivered to your door, head over to Daily Harvest for more info!


I’m still sticking with the strawberry + peach as my favorite.


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