Finn’s Birthday


Instead of counting down to the New Year, these little loves were counting down until Finn’s Birthday, January 1st. They fed him doggie treats for breakfast, made him Birthday cards at church, took him on a walk after church and then sang Happy Birthday to him with a cupcake and more doggie treats. He was one spoiled birthday dog!;) Nixon said that my birthday gift to him was not getting made at him when he jumped up on the table and tried to eat all the cupcakes, He was totally right! On any other given day that pup would have been in the dog house. 😉

I loved how excited it made the kiddos to be celebrating Finn’s birthday, I let them call most of the shots and the day was something I’ll never forget! It makes me happy when they are happy.


Happy Birthday Finn! p.s I found this cake stand at TJ Maxx!

I also thought these cake stands were pretty cool here here and here!


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